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Atlanta Roof Repair

Atlanta Roof Repair
You might be one of the folks who have been debating just how to approach your roofing problem. Finally, you decide to get professional help from an Atlanta Roof Repair company but you cannot decide which one to approach. Let us offer a bit of information on the basic steps in how we assess your roofing problems. The first step is to get a thorough inspection of your roof for an accurate picture of what you are facing.

Roof inspection is a very specific task. It is very important to the source of finding your problem or getting it fixed quickly. If your roof has a previous history of leaks or other problems, you’ll need to let our Atlanta Roofing technician know beforehand. Our inspector will locate and check all the mountings and drains, and other structures on the surface of your roof, to begin the inspection process.

We check to see if the various layers of your roof are in contact with each other. We judge the bonding of the layers to the underlying structure. We verify if the seams are cracked, splitting or separating. We look for loose nails or screws, soft spots, blisters, and other signs of instability or weak areas.

We inspect the flashings for secure fit, and the chimneys, drains, leaders, gutters, mansards or skylights for soundness. After the examination, we report any areas that need improvement or attention. This will allow the homeowner to identify maintenance areas and needed repairs. This is a comprehensive report that our Atlanta Roofing Repair contractors use to initiate effective, cost competitive work.

The next big step for our Atlanta roof repair technicians is locating leaks. This is the part where an experienced professional separates with the DIY homeowner. Our roofing technician is playing detective to find the clear, or the not-so obvious, problems that cause a leak. Sometimes the crack and breaks are apparent, but addressing the obvious may not take care of the whole problem. Open joints and blisters in the asphalt are very clear indicators of a roofing problem, but may not tell the whole story.

Locating the source (or sources) of the leak may take a bit more experience than first considered. Water seepage can actually originate far from the affected area. Our experienced Atlanta roof repair technicians can use a variety of diagnostic tools to discover the source of the leaks. When leaks seem to show up in springtime quite often the problem starts with ice on the roof that has expanded minor cracks and blisters over the winter season. Our roofing experts can trace the problem back to its source.

Once we identify the trouble spots, it’s time to prepare your roof for repair. This usually means coating the affected surface to seal breaks and cracks. The preparation is very important because failure to do this step properly can lead to future problems. The entire coating job depends on having a clean, dry surface that is stable and free of stress and movement. Our technicians will also recommend replacing all rusted and worn out flashings, broken drains, or any other potential sources of trouble.

Do-It-Yourselfers often draw the line on roof repair because it can be very complicated and potentially dangerous to take on the challenge. There are a lot of variables that are involved with roofing problems. That is why it is imperative that you contact a certified contractor in Atlanta. Roof repair is not for the novice DIY enthusiast. An expert will look for trapped moisture in the roof insulation and even check the rafters to assure themselves that there was nothing missed during a normal inspection.

We completely clean and dry the roof before sealing. We remove all molds and mildew, oil, grease or other materials before the repair begins. Moisture on the surface of the roof will cause problems with the coating and adhesion; the result will not be satisfactory. We then patch all cracks, joints and sources of leaks to ensure that the roof is completely ready for coating. Our roofing technicians will then check and replace all your broken or bent flashing, gutters and leaders.

Once all the inspections, leak detection, prepping and patching are completed, we apply the coating and complete the repair process. This process is the final touch. Roofers use sprayers, brushes, squeegees or rollers to seal the roof depending on the size of the surface area. Our Atlanta roof repair technicians will choose the appropriate technique for the job at hand.

Remember to check the roof annually as well as after severe storms, any major tree branch, or other object hits your roof. This will avoid future problems that may begin as small cracks after an accident or storm. It pays to keep your roof in top shape in order to prolong its usefulness. Also remember that no one can actually predict how long your roof will last, but taking care of it regularly can definitely increase its life by a decade.

Always seek the help of certified Atlanta roof repair experts. A roof is too important to leave neglected for years on end until something unfortunate happens again. We can assist you in handling your roofing challenges at all stages, from inspections to maintenance and repairs, to even a total replacement if need be.

Contact our local Atlanta roof repair specialists for more information on taking care of your home’s repair needs. We can help you with all phases of the work and handle everything from start to finish. You can contact us when you need an internal and external inspection that can help you spot potential problems. If you are currently experiencing leaks, call us immediately. If you simply want to begin a regular maintenance schedule, we can get you started on that as well.

Our Atlanta roof repair technicians are ready to offer our assistance to both you and your home. We will be happy to come out and provide you with a Free On-Site Roof Inspection, or to give you a competitive quote for a roof repair, a yearly roof maintenance schedule, or a roof replacement. We carefully go through all the steps necessary for getting your roof repaired or, if need be, newly installed. Our contractors will offer you a very competitive bid and work out a production schedule that works for you and your family. Call us today at (404) 201-2516!